A touch of homeliness… Welcome to the restaurant Zvezda. In the pleasant ambience of the newly renovated restaurant we offer a daily offer of brunches, lunches, traditional dishes (bograč, tripe stew, goulash, …), as well as other dishes a la

Murska Republika

Unique room for unique occasion Are you looking for a place to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or looking for a place for business meetings? We invite you to pick a unique place – Murska Republika saloon. In the pleasant ambience

Tradition of nostalgia

The legendary Murska Sobota hotel Dobray from 1910, which has later been renamed to hotel Zvezda***, was a heart of social and political life in different historical periods. 30 rooms in Biedermeier style, domestic and international cuisine, social and business

Home of the rich offer in the heart of Pomurje region …

Most certainly you’ve already been to North-Eastern part of Slovenia, where Prekmurian plain meets stunning Goričko. Welcome to Murska Sobota, in Zvezda complex, which is represented by: restaurant and pub, Murska Republika saloon, brewery and Hotel Zvezda***.

Zvezda complex is located in the center of Murska Sobota and is a traditional meeting point of locals, as well as ideal starting point for business people, hikers and tourists. In the pleasant ambience of restaurant and pub, we offer a wide range of traditional Prekmurje dishes, as well as the daily offer of brunches, lunches and other dishes a la carte. In spring and summer you can enjoy the luxury of the summer garden in the shade of ancient chestnut trees, where we will serve you with our full catering.

We will provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere within the business and event venue of the complex - Murska Republika saloon, and after a long working day or a trip to the surroundings, you can rest in modern rooms of fully renovated hotel Zvezda ***.

With kind regards ... Welcome!